Boxing only for grown-ups you say? Well no! Boxing lessons for kids are totally hot. Not only is it great fun, the list of benefits stretches much further. Instructor Myron (14) from Supergym Rijswijk

: “ Especially the self-confidence of the child grows very quickly.”

Taking boxing lessons has long been a very good way for adults to learn self-defense techniques and thereby increase self-confidence. But did you know that the same is true for children? At Supergym Rijswijk, children can recently follow ‘Superkids Bag Boxing Training’, with which they practice with a large punching bag and each other.

More resilient and more social

The reactions of parents are very enthusiastic, Myron says. A lot of feedback he gets from parents is that their child is much more resilient after a few lessons. “That’s because of the boxing techniques they learn, but also because of the physical effort. The stress level is quickly reduced, which also makes you feel mentally stronger,” says Myron. “For overweight children, this sport also makes you lose weight quickly and become physically fit.”

Also a very nice plus: children learn to work well with others through boxing. In this sport you almost have to: you box with the Superbag but also with others. Myron: “The social skills of the children grow as a result.”

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More self-confidence, learn to work together better, reduce stress and become mega fit. The benefits of the Superkids Bag Boxing Training seem innumerable. Myron: “But above all, it’s just a really cool sport where everyone has fun. The parents can also train themselves in the gym when their child has lessons. So easy.”


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Supergym Rijswijk

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