It will come as no surprise: house prices in the Netherlands rose in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last year. And by almost twenty percent for existing homes. This percentage is slightly lower in The Hague and surroundings.

This is apparent from research by real estate association NVM. House prices are rising and supply is shrinking. In our country, thirty percent fewer houses were sold between July and September than a year earlier.

Figures from NVM

NVM has published figures for each region in the Netherlands about the supply, the number of homes sold, the average selling price and the developments compared to the previous year.

The figures are for the third quarter of 2020, versus the same quarter in 2020. The research is based on data from brokers who are affiliated with the brokers’ association.

Figures from The Hague and its surroundings

In The Hague, an average house currently costs 435.06 euros. In total are 1.200 residences changed hands in the third quarter of this year.


Below are all figures per region mapped.

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