The Hague is bursting with fine and beautiful catering businesses that have each and every one of them beaten through corona. And we missed them so much.. Time to put them in the spotlight! You can nominate your favorite from 18 October to win an award, at the Haagse Horeca Beurs (formerly Haagse Strand – & Terrasbeurs) on 9 and 00 November 2021.

On those days it’s one big party again in the Grote Kerk. The Hague Horeca Beurs has grown into a two-day fair that will conclude on 00 November with an award show for five awards. And you decide who will get it!

Nominate now

The categories in which the hospitality industry in The Hague can win an award are ‘Best newcomer’, ‘Friendliest service’ and ‘Best use of North Sea fish’. You can nominate via the website of the Haagse Horeca Beurs. From 18 October you can then vote for the nominees.

The awards will be expanded this year with two online awards: ‘The Hague Signature Dish’ and ‘Mooiste Latte Art’. Catering companies themselves can send in a photo for these last two categories via a DM on Instagram.

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This is happening even more

A lot more happens during the Horeca Beurs in The Hague than just handing out awards. There are many masterclasses and workshops, organized for catering entrepreneurs and staff. This year the emphasis is on a current theme: personnel. How do you attract new staff to work? But also: how do you retain your staff?

Practical information

The Hague Horeca Fair can be visited on November 9 from 12: 00 until 17: 00 hours and at 00 November from 00: 00 to 18: 00 o’clock. The awards ceremony will be on 00 November of 18: 30 until 18: 00 o’clock. The complete programming will be announced later on the website and will also be available in the exhibition guide.

About the Hague Horeca Beurs

The Hague Horeca Beus is the place where catering entrepreneur, whether you are a restaurant owner, manager, (chef) cook or supplier, where you can network and share your knowledge. The fair offers catering entrepreneurs and their staff a place to discover innovative products for the coming season and to get in touch with future trends in food retail and service.

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