Have you ever had a pumpkin from 16 seen kilos? “It is a monster”, says Anita van Bree of Mens en Tuin. The care garden from Moerwijk has won first prize in the category largest pumpkin in The Hague.

The Harvest Festival was celebrated in the new Mengelmoestuin courtyard near the Dreven. There was also a pumpkin contest.


Pumpkins grown by Hagenaars were judged in the categories: the largest, most beautiful, most unique and the tastiest vegetarian pumpkin dish.

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The biggest spoke of course for themselves. The most beautiful was bred by Abied Guman. “A special item because of the multiple colors and the wax layer”, according to the jury. The most unique pumpkin was simply grown by Tuyet on the windowsill: a green bottle gourd and the tastiest dish was a pumpkin mousse. The audience award went to Sara Achmed who served a Turkish pumpkin snack with whipped cream, walnut, sugar and cinnamon.

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