Taxis that are allowed to pick up customers at taxi ranks suffer from lack of enforcement by municipalities. While they have applied for a taxi ordinance, unlicensed taxis often run off with their customers.

Taxis without regulation are not allowed to be at the pick-up points, but it happens often. KNV reported this to BNR Nieuwsradio . License holders suffer from this. The industry association states that the municipalities do not intervene, there is no enforcement and no capacity is made available for enforcement.

Taxis without a license can therefore benefit from the system and the facilities. KNV speaks of distortion of competition. There is also a chance that the customer in such a taxi will not get what may be expected from the service, for example because they do not work according to the standards and values ​​protocol.

A uniform regulated market According to KNV, the taxi market is only intervened if there are serious incidents. This should change. For example, according to chairman Bertho Eckhardt, the correct enforcement is part of a series of measures to create a level playing field. That is why he advocates one uniform regulated market with one enforcement principle.

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