“It is not normal that you have a knife with you when you go into the city or when you go out,” police officer Jasper van der Duin told Omroep West. From today you can hand in knives and other stabbing weapons in The Hague, without being punished for it.

It seems that stabbings are happening more and more. Last days it was wrong at the fair in Rijswijk, a boy was stabbed and died. “Hand in your knife, then you can’t become a perpetrator if you get involved in an incident,” said police officer Jasper.

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From Monday 11 to Sunday October 17 is the arms surrender. At all police stations in The Hague there is a yellow wheelie bin where you can anonymously hand in a blow or stab weapon without negative consequences. Please note, these are all weapons except firearms. If you want to hand in a firearm, you must show identification, after which it will be investigated whether the weapon has been used.

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