Put a wooden table in your living or dining room and the space is immediately attractive. The only downside to those tables is that they are often quite pricey. Not if you go to Houthandel Woerden! Owner Lucas Teuben: “We receive couples every week who have been looking for a table for two years. They will find what they are looking for with us within half an hour.”

Woodhandel Woerden initially only sold garden wood, stone partitions and hardwood posts. That changed when Lucas started looking for a wooden table and noticed that the delivery time was extreme, as was the price. “My partner Jan and I decided to start importing table tops ourselves. We buy them directly from the source.”

“The suar tree trunk tables come from Indonesia. Suar is a fast-growing tree from which large slices are cut. They form your unique table top. The oak comes from France and Germany. The oak tops are made of joined planks.” Lucas and Jan do not just buy one sheet, but immediately a truck full. “This gives us a competitive price.”

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Choose your own magazine

The result is a huge warehouse with more than 1.20 sheets. “The nice thing is that you can choose your magazine yourself,” says Lucas. “For example, we have a hundred sheets of three meters in length. If you want number sixty, you will get it. Every top is different, so you can choose exactly a table that fits your interior.” This is appreciated: “We receive couples every week who have been looking for a table for two years. With us, they will find what they are looking for within half an hour.”

Once you’ve found a top, you choose the frame yourself. “You can choose from 10 variants. We then assemble the table at home, so that the legs are exactly the right distance for your chairs.” Good to know: your table will be delivered within two weeks. That’s super fast!

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You are advantageous

Let’s talk about the numbers. How beneficial is beneficial? “A suar tree trunk table of 2,10 meter costs us around 900 euros. A oak top of the same size costs around the 900 euros. In the average home furnishings store you lose two to three times more.”

No maintenance

Now we hear you think: a wooden table, shouldn’t you always sand and oil it? You don’t have to be afraid of that. Lucas explains: “We have our own workshop where we coat the blades. When you have selected a leaf, choose a lacquer. This protects the table and determines how light or dark the table becomes. We will then finish it for you. We have searched for the perfect lacquer for years and I can assure you: after this treatment you will not have to worry about your table for years to come.”

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From all over the Netherlands to Woerden

The tables are a hit: people from all over the Netherlands come to Woerden to pick out their own eye-catcher. Do you think that’s a bit too far to drive? Then you can also buy the tables via the webshop . “I often advise people to take that ride anyway. It takes you a while, but then you know exactly which table you will get.”


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