Today, Royal Schiphol Group’s Supervisory Board appointed Dick Benschop as President and CEO of Royal Schiphol Group for a second term of four years. This second term will begin on 1 May 2022.  

We are very pleased to reappoint Dick Benschop. Over the past years, he has done an outstanding job at leading Schiphol Group in the most difficult circumstances imaginable. The focus on quality and sustainability will set the direction over the coming years. Louise Gunning, chair of the Supervisory Board

I am delighted with the trust placed in me and proud to be part of the Schiphol team. I am highly motivated to continue shaping Schiphol’s recovery – which is so important for the Netherlands – with improvements to the living environment and with decisive steps in making the aviation sector more sustainable. Dick Benschop, CEO Royal Schiphol Group


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