Published: 5 October 2021Modified: 5 October 2021

The municipality will be replacing the sewer system in the neighbourhood of Rustenburg-Noord. At the same time parking is becoming scarce in the neighbourhood. This is why the Soestdijksekade will temporarily get extra parking spaces. This will change the traffic situation on the Soestdijksekade. This temporary situation will remain in place while work is carried out on the sewer system.

To make space for the extra parking spaces, it is necessary to temporarily change the design of the street. Diagonal parking spaces will be created so that there are more parking spaces. The cycle path will be made between the diagonal parking spaces and the roadway. Speed bumps will be placed in the street and the maximum speed limit will be 30 kilometres per hour. The Soestdijksekade will become a 1-way road for cars and cyclists. You can drive into the street from the Escamplaan.

Cycle path adaptedThe temporary adaptation will mean there is no longer room for a cycle path on both sides of the road. Cyclists going from the Loosduinsekade to the Escamplaan can use the cycle path on the odd side of the Soestdijksekade. Signs will indicate this.

The Soestdijksekade will be modified temporarily (photo: Valerie Kuypers) Rustenburg-Noord: new sewer systemThe sewer system in Rustenburg Noord is outdated. This is why the neighbourhood will get a new sewer system. The work is expected to last until mid-2023.

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