Ever heard the saying “God created the world but the Dutch created the Netherlands”?

As a country, the Netherlands is known for being largely under sea level, with the Dutch reclaiming land from the sea to build their country. While this means the country has to have some top-notch water management systems, it does make the Netherlands a really unique place to visit or live in. 

If you’ve ever sat back and wondered how the Dutch managed to reclaim land and create the Netherlands all those years ago, then this video is for you!

How the Dutch created the NetherlandsThe Netherlands you know and love wasn’t always as big as it is now – actually, around half of its landmass is made up of reclaimed land. The Dutch have been reclaiming land from lakes and the sea for around 600 years. But how did they develop the infrastructure and technology that they needed to do this and prevent extensive flooding? Watch the video below to find out.

That’s some seriously impressive stuff!


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