I reside in The Hague. I’m constantly telling people about how wonderful The Hague is, I’m hoping that this guide to the Hague will encourage people to take the day journey from Amsterdam to the Hague to experience a bit of what makes it so distinct. It’s a beautiful and a bit of an unusual city. Keep reading through for tips on what to do in the Hague with many unique things to do in the Hague to encourage you to explore the Hague.
Many people go crazy for Amsterdam or Rotterdam, the Hague is a lovely and slightly wacky city. Frequently overlooked in favor of other Dutch cities and thought about “dull” according to my Dutch friends, I have actually been happily surprised by the number of things to do in the Hague there really are. It’s a quirky and lovely city where concepts end up being reality without pause.

A lot of people stick to the basic things to do in the Hague, this city has a lot more activities to use, so I truly hope this guide to the Hague with a regional’s insight on what to do in the Hague encourages you to get a bit off the beaten path in the Hague. I actually believe that a person day in the Hague isn’t adequate and I ‘d think about 2 days to be the sweet area.

think the Hague is a terrific (and affordable) base for discovering the Netherlands as Delft is only fifteen minutes away, Amsterdam is forty minutes away, and Schiphol is half an hour away. The majority of my friends who experience this other side of the Hague beyond the “dull” government side quickly comprehend why I have actually made this city my house after residing in Amsterdam. I wrote this guide as I was tired of seeing guides that covered the piece de resistances glossing over the bits that make this city unique.

I’ve grouped what to do in the Hague by area of the city. The Hague is pretty walkable within the city center, but it may be simpler to take public transit between the center and Scheveningen, the beach resort by the Hague.

The Hague is the only significant city in the Netherlands with a beach, so make certain to take a bus twenty minutes to enjoy the water (and the wind) in Scheveningen. I have actually not included Scheveningen as the town hall of the Hague (and surrounding locations). Click for my guide to Scheveningen!



  • Go shopping and browse books/art in Noordeinde
  • Admire the King’s working palace
  • Test beverages at Van Kleef Distillery
  • Climb the Grote Kerk
  • Get a drink in Grote Markt
  • Buy beer from the Kloosterbrouwerij
  • Haagsche Broeder
  • Sip cocktails at the secret bar Syndicaat (closed for summer season).
  • Discover the hofjes of the Hague.
  • See the lady with the pearl earring at the Mauritshuis.
  • Admire Escher’s art at Escher in Het Palais.
  • See the stunning Binnenhof.
  • Discover the Passage.
  • Drink coffee at one of the Hague’s lots of coffee shops.
  • Stroll along the Lange Voorhout street.
  • Antique shops on canal street.
  • Have a beer along Bierkade.
  • Eat Indonesian food.
  • Drink bubble tea or consume dim sum/Chinese pastries in Chinatown.
  • Go jumping at the Trampoline church.
  • Admire the embassies in the Statenkwartier.
  • Tour the Peace Palace.
  • Buy food and have lunch at the Haagse Markt.
  • Museum Voorlinden.
  • Museum Meermanno.
  • Take street-level pictures or pretend to be a giant at Madurodam.
  • Delight In the Panorama Mesdag.
  • Discover the pre-owned shops of the contemporary Zeeheldenkwartier.
  • Go skiing inside your home year-round.
    Go ice climbing year-round.
  • Admire the windmills in Voorburg/Leidschendam or the historical cute town of Leidschendam.


Only a fifteen-minute walk from the primary train stations, the Hague has a gorgeous pedestrian-friendly historical center. Although most people power through the town hall of the Hague without delighting in the important things that really make this city special, particularly its variety and its history, the Hague has a lot of things to do!



Often thought about the most lovely street in the Hague, Noordeinde homes numerous historic buildings with stunning Art Deco touches and a few of the best independent shopping in the Hague. I particularly advise searching the Noordeinde area for beautiful Dutch clothes, books (at the Bookstore), and a good bottle of white wine. Make certain to step into the Book shop for a vegan-friendly beverage and for a new (or used) book.

This red wine shop filled with exotic white wines from around the world has one of the prettiest and fluffiest felines that I’ve ever seen. Be sure to provide Socrates a pet while purchasing a wine from Georgia or Armenia!



Although it shocks many people, the King of the Netherlands goes to work most days in the town hall of the Hague within the Noordeinde Palace. If the King is in if the flag is raised, anyone walking down the street can appreciate the palace although you’ll understand.

The palace has 2 sides, including a rich garden where you can have a picnic. I especially love the semi-secret passage connecting garden with the rest of Noordeinde. (More about this secret passage quickly!).

Public transport.

The Hague boasts an exceptional public transportation system. Over 30 bus and tram lines will take you rapidly and securely to your destination in and around The Hague. This page provides handy details on circumnavigating The Hague hassle-free.

Bus and tram.

The principle operators of bus, cable car and the RandstadRail light rail link services in The Hague region are HTM and HTMbuzz. For up-to-the-minute travel interruption updates in The Hague, visit @HTM_ReisInfo( external link). Other bus operators in The Hague area are Arriva( external link) and Connexxion( external link).


It is often possible to hail a taxi in the street but you will also discover specialized taxi stands at the train stations and numerous points throughout the city, or you can dependably book a taxi by app or telephone.

One taxi company, Express Taxi Service (external link), provides Fixed prices for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Other neighboring Airports like Rotterdam The Hague, Eindhoven, Brussels and Dusseldorf Airport. You can use the service 7 days a week 24 hrs a day. the price for a taxi journey to Schiphol Airport in a Luxe Airport taxi costs 59 euro.

Like other metropolitan areas, The Hague has a number of park-and-ride facilities both at the edge of the city in addition to in the city. There you can quickly park your car and after that take public transport or work with a bike to get to the city centre and Scheveningen and Kijkduin beach.

The Netherlands has an extensive network of trains. The Nederlandse Spoorwegen, or NS( external link), is the Netherlands Train company and one of the most modern in Europe. Travelling by train has lots of benefits: trains in the Netherlands are usually on schedule, they are tidy and really comfy and the majority of the personnel speaks English. The NS runs a night train( external link), which stops at the Den Haag HS station. The majority of train stations in the Netherlands also permit you to lease an OV-fiets( external link) to cycle to your destination.

The Hague has 6 train stations all offering good connections with other types of public transport:.

Den Haag Centraal (CS).
Den Haag Hollands Spoor (HS).
Den Haag Mariahoeve.
Den Haag Laan van NOI.
Den Haag Moerwijk.
Den Haag Ypenburg.

Spending for public transport.
The plastic OV-chipkaart( external link) is still the payment approach for all train, cable car, bus and metro lines throughout the Netherlands. Ensure you always have sufficient credit (balance) or a travel product on your OV-chipkaart to check in and out. If you do not have an OV-chipkaart, you can buy other types of tickets for travel on HTM trams and buses including a day ticket, 3-day ticket and traveler day ticket. Visit the site of HTM( external link) for more information about spending for public transportation and the types of tickets readily available. For more general info in English on fares and public transportation, check out the website of 9292. nl( external link).

Travel coordinator.
Use the 9292( external link) door-to-door journey organizer to prepare your door-to-door itinerary by public transport. See Getting to Scheveningen for more ideas on reaching your destination hassle-free.


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