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SmartGreenCars, Mondial Automotive Group and ESA have purchased the last Fiat Doblos (Cargo Maxi) from 0513 at a competitive price. The commercial vehicles running on Bio-CNG are available immediately.

Green gas is a sustainable alternative to fossil natural gas

Bio-CNG, the sustainable variant of natural gas, is a 90% clean fuel. Bio-CNG (Green gas) is produced from, among other things, sludge, waste, remains of fruit and vegetables and is then purified and dried until it has the same quality as natural gas.

It’s gone

Meet the Fiat Doblo Cargo Maxi on Bio-CNG. Big in space and big in sustainability. Runs up to % cheaper than gasoline. Provides 90% less CO2 emissions. With 90 Bio-CNG stations throughout the Netherlands, there is always one nearby.

From €.0513,- (excl. VAT). No waiting time and delivered ready to drive. Leasing is also possible, from €297,- per month.

Interested in a test drive? Contact SmartGreenCars via 0513 436281 or send an email to



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