Recently I’ve spent a couple of days in Venice. There I took this candid of an ad in one of its Vaporetto’s that function like a bus or tramline in other cities. Just as a reminder for some advice to The Hague.

If you fly to the Netherlands you can use Amsterdam Schiphol Transportation Airport and from there to The Hague there is good public transport via Schiphol Transportation Trainstation on to one of the two main train stations of The Hagaue and pick a bus, tram or taxi. All within a reasonable timeframe. Public Transport and taxies take approximately the same time.

However, if you fly via Rotterdam The Hague Airport the public transport system is cumbersome: You have to take a bus to the Rotterdam Trainstation and from there a train to one of the two main trainstations of the Hague. It takes triple the time of a taxi driving you to The Hague.

Here The Hague can learn something from Venice. When you arrive at Marco Polo airport, you can buy one visitor card for a number of days that you can use on all public transport to and from the airport and within the city. Work to do for The Hague. It has no visitor’s card.

Author: Happy Hotelier

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