From this year onwards, Royal Schiphol Group will be joining forces in the area of advertising by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to collaborate with the three regional airports of Royal Schiphol Group: Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and -after opening- Lelystad Airport. The collaboration will make it possible for advertisers to reach visitors from all Dutch passenger airports via a single point of contact with a variety of media and brand promotion options.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will first start a partnership with Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. They will be joined by Lelystad Airport when the airport opens. The merger of the media options will serve the national advertising market even more effectively.

Passengers often spend quite a long time at an airport after check-in and security control. This offers excellent opportunities for brands to connect with customers or with potential ones. Expanding our portfolio with media options at all of our regional airports will not only allow us to offer greater reach, but also an interesting platform to create experiences that add value to the passenger journey with relevant sponsored content. This is also fully in line with Royal Schiphol Group’s vision of joining forces and achieving synergy between Dutch airports. We are looking forward to creating some great partnerships with brands. Maarten van Maaren, Media Director at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol:

About Schiphol Media

Schiphol Media is the airport’s in-house media organisation that offers a variety of advertising and promotional opportunities in, at and around the airport, including in the form of digital screens, promotions and pop-up locations at the airport.


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