Published: 7 September 2021Modified: 9 September 2021

The Dutch Cyclists’ Union (Fietsersbond) is again organising the biannual national Cycle City elections. The municipality invites cyclists to take an online survey (in Dutch). The city will then become eligible for the title of Cycle City 2022 and you could win an electric bike.

You can use the survey (questionnaire) to tell the municipality what you think of The Hague in terms of being a cycle friendly city.

The municipality is working hard to make cycling in the city safe, comfortable and pleasant. It has worked the past years on:

improving safety by tackling dangerous situations for cyclists creating fast and comfortable cycling routes paving cycle paths opening more neighbourhood parking facilities The municipality hopes that cyclists value these measures and that they give the municipality a positive review in the survey. Every cyclist is welcome to voice his opinion in the largest survey on cycling in the Netherlands.  

Give your opinionCyclists can give their opinion in the survey on the:

space on the cycle paths control and coordination of traffic lights quality of the pavingAlso topics such as ‘cycling pleasure’ and ‘cycling experience’ will be part of the survey.

Cycle City elections survey

By completing the survey, participants stand a chance of winning great prizes, such as an electric bike, an overnight stay or bicycle parts.

More informationYou can find more information on the municipality’s cycling policy on the page Ruim baan voor de Fiets (in Dutch).


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