Published: 2 September 2021Modified: 10 September 2021

The municipality is making the cycle paths and intersections on the Ringelwikke and Postenkade in Bosweide (Ypenburg) safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Extra attention will be paid to the bicycle crossings. The work will start on 18 October and last until the end of December 2021.

Wingerd intersection ScheduleThe work will be carried out in phases. This way the neighbourhood will remain accessible.

Phase 1: The street lights (lamp posts) along the cycle paths will be moved to a new spot. This will take 10 working days. Phase 2: On 1 November 2021 work will start on the Postenkade cycle path and the 3 intersections between the Postenkade and Guirlande (1 and 3) and Wingerd (2).Phase 3: Work will be done on the intersections and the cycle path between the Ringelwikke and Wingerd (4 and 5) and Guirlande (5).The work will last approximately 4 weeks for each cycle path.

Overview of the 6 intersections on the Postenkade and Ringelwikke What is going to happenThe street lights will be moved to a new spot. This will free up space for the cycle path. The speed bumps at the intersections will be raised. These are located at the Postenkade and Guirlande (1 and 3) and Wingerd (2) and at Ringelwikke and Wingerd (4 and 6) and Guirlande (5). Vehicles will then have to drive more slowly. The posts on the cycle path will be removed. There will be more space between the cycle paths and the hedges. After the adaptations there will be more space for cyclists and the cycle paths and intersections will be safer.

Postenkade and Wingerd intersection AccessibilityThe contractor will place diversion signs on the work site during each phase.

CyclistsWhile work is being done on a cycle path, the cycle path will be completely closed. Cyclists will be diverted using road signs. Cyclists going in the direction of Ypenburg Lyceum will be diverted via the Ypenburgse Boslaan, Laan van Hoornwijck and Laan van Kans.

PedestriansThe work will have a minimal impact on pedestrians.

More informationWould you like more information or do you have remarks about the work? Then contact the area manager at the municipality by sending an email to


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