Published: 19 August 2021Modified: 19 August 2021

The municipality will replace the asphalt on the Escamplaan-Nieuweweg from the Lozerlaan to the border with the municipality of Westland. At the same time the shoulder of the road will be fixed up to improve rainwater drainage. The work will take place from the end of August until the end of September 2021.

The Nieuweweg (photo Valerie Kuypers) ProjectThe asphalt on the Nieuweweg is in poor condition. This is why it needs to be replaced. This is what will happen

the bus stop will be temporarily movedthe shoulders on both sides of the road will be fixed up the bus stop will be reconstructedthe central reserve will be fixed upthe top layer of asphalt will be removedthe road will be paved.NuisanceThe municipality will try to limit any inconvenience. Work will take place from Monday to Friday between 7.00 and 17.00 hrs. Removal of the old asphalt and the paving work will take place in the weekend. During this weekend work will be carried out day and night. The lane will then be closed this entire weekend. Removing the old asphalt will make a lot of noise.

SafetyThe municipality will do everything within its power to ensure safety during the project. Nevertheless work sites remain dangerous spots. You are advised to warn children about this danger and to keep them away from the work site.

Planning Planning en fasering Phase Portion Start End 1 Work on the bus stop and on the shoulders of the road, the left lane will remain open in both directions 30 August 10 September 2 Work on the central reserve, the right lane will remain open in both directions 13 September 17 September 3 Nieuweweg closed in both directions, work will be carried out day and night 17 September 20 September AccessibilityThrough trafficThe Nieuweweg will remain accessible during the work on the shoulders of the road. Both directions of the road will be completely closed during the weekend from Friday afternoon, 17 September at 17.00 hrs. until Monday morning, 20 September at 6.00 hrs. Traffic will be diverted. You can see the diversion routes below.

Pedestrians and cyclistsNothing will change for pedestrians and cyclists during the week. While work is taking place in the weekend, the cycle path will become a 2-way path on the side of De Uithof. Pedestrians can make use of the existing footpath on the side of De Uithof. Traffic wardens will be standing by the crossings.

Public transportThe route will remain open for public transport on weekdays. However, the De Uithof bus stop at the Madepolderweg will be moved during the project. While the road is being paved in the weekend, the bus route will be diverted. Both stops will then be closed. Read more on

Emergency servicesAmbulance, fire department and police vehicles will be able to make us of the cycle path in the event of an emergency.

DiversionsThe Nieuweweg will be closed while it is being paved. This will take place in the weekend of Friday afternoon, 17 September to Monday morning, 20 September.

Residents of the Madepolderweg neighbourhood can take a detour:

to The Hague: via the Madesteinweg and Westland: via the Madepolderweg, Exporteursbaan, Van Elswijkbaan and Nieuweweg.Other traffic:

from Kijkduin, Loosduinen and Escamp in the direction of the Madepolderweg take a detour via Lozerlaan, Monsterseweg and Orberlaan to the Madepolderwegtowards Poeldijk, Naaldwijk and Hoek van Holland take a detour via Lozerlaan, Erasmusweg, Poeldijkseweg, Wateringseweg, Arckelweg and Paul Captijnlaan to the Nieuwewegfrom Westland (Madepolderweg, Nieuweweg and Wateringseweg) take a detour via the Exporteursbaan, Van Elswijkbaan, Paul Captijnlaan, Arckelweg, Wateringseweg and Poeldijkseweg to the Erasmusweg.More informationDo you have any questions or remarks? Contact:

Ingenieursbureau Den Haag, on email address: State your address in the email. the municipality. Indicate that it is about work in your street.


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