Published: 30 July 2021Modified: 14 September 2021

Scheveningen is a lively place. Everyone is welcome there. But sometimes it gets too busy. That can can be unpleasant and sometimes even unsafe. The municipality wants to prevent this. So that visitors can relax, residents can live there comfortably and businesses can receive their guests with a warm welcome.

This is why the municipality started a trial on the boulevard in the summer of 2021. Sensors will keep track of the number of people at various places. Nobody will be recognisable in the images. The sensors will be switched on only during the beach season in order to measure how busy it is. The 1st test with the system has been completed. The trial might possibly be continued in the summer of 2022. It will ensure that the system works well.

This is how smart technology is helping the municipal enforcers. So they know on time where they need to go before it gets too crowded. The goal is a better flow and dispersion of foot traffic. This way Scheveningen remains a great place…for everyone.

Complete the surveyThe municipality would like to hear your opinion on this trial. You have until 5 November 2021 to fill in a survey in Dutch or English:

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