Published: 1 July 2021Modified: 8 July 2021

The large car park in front of the HagaZiekenhuis on the Leyweg is closed. The land will be used for a new housing project. Visitors to the hospital from now on can park in the new parking garage on the Escamplaan.

Attention! New route to the HagaZiekenhuisVisitors will now drive from the intersection between the Dedemsvaartweg/Houtwijklaan and the Escamplaan to:

the Spoedplein: the emergency room, the after-hours local health centres and the after-hours pharmacy; the new Kiss + Ride on the Escamplaan side, for picking up and dropping off visitors and patients; the new parking garage. Cars can also enter the parking garage from the Leyweg. They can only exit the parking garage in the direction of the Dedemsvaartweg/Houtwijklaan. It is no longer possible to drive to the Spoedplein and the Kiss + Ride from the Leyweg. The Escamplaan is no longer a main route. A retractable traffic barrier (poller) has been place on the Leyweg side to block cars from passing. Only emergency service vehicles and the bus will be able to drive here.

Route to the HagaZiekenhuis Red is the route to the Spoedplein. Blue is the route to the Kiss + Ride. Yellow is the route to the parking garage. The prohibition sign indicates that cars are not allowed to drive here.

Visitors taking public transportation to the hospital will walk from the Leyweg across the renewed Els Borst-Eilersplein to the main entrance of the hospital. Bicycle parking will be available on both sides of the main entrance of the hospital. The new building on the Escamplaan, with the entrance to the parking garage on the left and the K+R and Spoedplein on the right. De Schoone Ley housing projectNew apartments are being built around the HagaZiekenhuis on the Leyweg. Some the newly-built apartments have already been completed and are occupied. Construction of the next phase of this new housing project has now started on the spot where the large aboveground car park used to be. Parking for visitors to the hospital is now available in a new parking garage under the new building on the Escamplaan. Visitors now have to drive to the hospital via the intersection between the Dedemsvaartweg/Houtwijklaan and the Escamplaan.


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