Published: 25 June 2021Modified: 20 July 2021

The municipality would like to make The Hague greener. For example, by planting more trees. This is why the municipality is handing out 1,000 free trees to residents. Trees make the city a beautiful, healthy and pleasant place to live in.

You can fill out an application for a free tree via the website from Thursday, 24 June at 17.00 hrs. until Sunday, 29 August 2021. Stichting Duurzaam Den Haag will assess all of the applications and arrange the distribution of the trees. The tree will be delivered to your home in the autumn.

How it worksYou have to plant the trees on private property. This means in your own front or back garden, allotment garden, neighbourhood garden or shared courtyard garden. You can choose from a variety of trees for a small, medium-sized or large garden. You can also choose from different tree species such as a chestnut tree or a cherry tree.

To make sure that the trees are planted in the right spots, there are a few rules for getting a free tree. You need to have sufficient space for a tree in your garden. Stichting Duurzaam Den Haag will assess the application.

If the application is approved, the tree will be delivered to your home together with things you need to plant it (such as soil). You have to plant the tree yourself. Do you need help? Then indicate this when you apply for the tree.  

ApplyYou can read all of the rules for this campaign in Dutch on You can also visit this website to apply for a free tree from Thursday, 24 June at 17.00 hrs.

Tree programmeTrees make The Hague a beautiful, healthy and pleasant city to live in. In the future trees in the city will become increasingly important because there will be less public space available, more people will be moving to the city and the climate is changing.

Trees provide shade in the heat, absorb rainwater, contribute to biodiversity and make it nice to live in the city. This is why trees are being given space to grow and the municipality will be planting new trees the coming years. This is taking place in partnership with residents, schools and other organisations. This is outlined in the new tree programme. More trees in the city mean a higher quality of life.

A family planting a tree


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